Still on the fence about which type of content you need? Take a look at these options.

Blog Posts

One of the most created types of content on the web, posts are essential to fill your blog with juicy content for your readers to soak up. No matter what you blog about, I can help you keep it up to date with the latest info in your niche.

Guest Posts

Guest posting gets the word out there about your business and generates more click-through. But, if you don’t do it right then you’re wasting your time. If you need a guest post writer for your business, you’re in luck! It’s the type of web content I have the most experience writing.

Website Content

Information on your website is crucial! Visitors need to know who you are, what you offer, and how they can get in touch. Let me put together concise, well-written info to make your site stand out.

Sales Copy

Whether it’s a landing page or a sales email, sometimes a product or service needs to be accompanied by the right words to persuade your customer to take the plunge and buy it. I offer easy-to-read, convincing sales copy that will actually entertain your readers, too.

Product Descriptions

Even though everybody is buying online today, a picture isn’t enough. In fact, the sheer popularity of online shopping means that products lacking in interesting descriptions won’t get very far. I’ll put all the details into words so your customers don’t have to wonder what they’re paying for.

How-to Guides

So, you want to show your readers how to do something? Good choice – the internet is our first port of call for learning new stuff. It’s no surprise that this kind of content really gets your website traffic flowing. Whether you’re showing your readers the first steps to take when starting a blog or want to show them how to bake a scrumptious chocolate cake, I can put your instructions into words.


Why buy a paper copy when you can download it to your smartphone? There’s a reason eBooks are so popular – they offer convenience and great information at an affordable price. Get in touch today to discuss your eBook idea!

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