It’s Not all About Limestone Arches: 20 Awesome Reasons to Visit Malta That Aren’t the Azure Window (May it RIP)

Feature photo cred goes to strecosa from Pixabay.

Recently, Malta mourned the loss of one of their top tourist attractions; the Azure Window, located on the small island of Gozo just off the mainland. March 2017 saw the almost 30m high limestone arch meet its demise, collapsing into the same sea that created it following a heavy storm.

Once a filming set for the iconic wedding scene of Khal Drogo and Daenerys Targaryen in HBO’s world-famous Game of Thrones, the loss of the Azure Window hit the Maltese people hard; Prime Minister Joseph Muscat described it as heartbreaking.

However, the Azure Window was just one of so many wonderful things for visitors to see and do on the island. So, although the iconic landmark may be no more, that shouldn’t put you off from visiting. Here are twenty great reasons to choose Malta for your next holiday.

Reason #1. It has Super Squeaky-Clean Beaches:


Beaches in Malta are scarce since most of the island’s coastline is rocky. But, where there is a beach, you can be assured of a pleasant experience – Malta has some of the cleanest and best-kept beaches on the continent. Quality trumps quantity here!

Reason #2. Valletta. Just Go There!


The capital city of Malta is truly breathtaking. Recently, the entrance to Valletta was given a re-vamp by world-renowned architect Renzo Piano. The new design included making stunning improvements to the Parliament building, which now looks even better when lit up at night.

Reason #3. It’s a History-Lover’s Paradise:


Love history? Then you will love Malta. With a plethora of historic sites to choose from including war museums, temples, caves and more, you will be spoilt for choice when it comes to immersing yourself in this island’s awesome heritage.

Reason #4. The Locals are Awesome:


The Maltese are some of the friendliest people that you’ll ever meet. They’re more than used to tourists and have a sing-song accent that makes everything they say sound even more cheerful. You can always be assured of a warm welcome here! Plus, English is Malta’s second official language; making friends with locals abroad just got so much easier.

Reason #5. Flights from the UK are as Cheap as Chips:


With budget airlines such as Ryanair, WOW Air and EasyJet all offering affordably priced flights to Malta from the UK, picking this island for your next holiday destination certainly won’t put a massive dent in your budget. For an even better deal, visit in June just before the school holidays – you’ll pay less and still enjoy plenty of hot sunshine.

Reason #6. Sea (Food) Porn:


If you’re a fan of fresh seafood then you absolutely must visit Malta. Since it’s surrounded by sea and offers ideal weather for fishing, you’ll find fresh fish and seafood available to sample in almost every restaurant on the island. From fresh tuna to octopus, you can try it all. The daily market in the fishing village of Marsaxlokk is where you’ll get the best.

Reason #7. The Island Enjoys Almost Perfect Weather:


Since Malta is so far south, it’s hard to find a bad day for the weather there. Although the climate does get a little cooler during the winter months, in the summer you can enjoy all-day-long sunshine and warmth.

Reason #8. You Can Go Swimming in the Blue Lagoon:


Swimming in the crystal-clear waters of the Blue Lagoon is something that simply must be done when you visit Malta. It’s the clearest, bluest water you’ll ever see; get there early to take it all in before more tourists arrive in hordes.

Reason #9. Ftira, the Best Bread Ever:


Maltese bread, or ftira, is beautiful. Especially when it’s topped with ingredients pizza-style. Check out The Fortress at St. Paul’s Bay for amazing ftira when you go.

Reason #10. There’s No Need to Miss Traditional Pubs:


Traditional Irish pubs can be found all over the world, inlcuding in Malta. The well-frequented O’Reilly’s and Fat Harry’s Pubs are both located conveniently in the popular resort of Bugibba.

Reason #11. The Cutest Boats You’ll Ever Clap Eyes On:


Whether you’re a boating fanatic or not, you can’t help but appreciate the gorgeous bright colours of traditional Maltese boats.

Reason #12. There’s an All-over Chilled Out Vibe:


When you’re on Malta, you’ll be on ‘island time’. Things move at a slow, leisurely pace with no room for stress.

Reason #13. It’s the 3rd Best Place for Scuba Diving in the World:


If you’re a scuba diver then you really can’t miss out on a visit to Malta. Even if you’ve never been diving before, here’s the best place to start with some of the cleanest waters on the planet and an abundance of sea plants and creatures to explore beneath.

Reason #14. There’s Accommodation for Everyone’s Budget:


Maybe you won’t settle for any less than a luxury hotel. Or, perhaps you need a family-friendly resort. You could be looking forward to bedding down in a hostel and meeting fellow travellers. Whatever you need (and want), you’ll be able to find a place to stay that suits you perfectly.

Reason #15. You’ll Still Have Some Home Comforts:


Malta only gained independence from the UK in 1964, so some of the UK traditions they adopted before then are still in place today. You’ll have the convenience of standard UK plug sockets rather than having to take an adaptor. And, find traditional red post-boxes lining the streets of Valletta!

Reason #16. It’s Small Enough for You to Explore It All:


Since Malta itself is geographically small, you can leave no part of the island unturned during your visit. Use the reliable public bus service, or take the hop-on, hop off tourist bus to see all the main sights.

Reason #17. It’s Home to Some of the Oldest Temples Ever:

Mjandra Temple

The beautiful Megalithic temples are some of the oldest free-standing structures in the world today. Don’t miss a visit during your stay; it’s a spectacular site to walk through.

Reason #18. Wi-Fi Is Everywhere:


Thanks to Ozone, you can access Wi-Fi from wherever you are in Malta. It’s not free, but it’s certainly far cheaper than paying roaming charges.

Reason #19.  You’re Not Confined to the Island:


Every day throughout the high season in Malta, visitors can find a selection of exciting excursions from to choose from. Whether you want to visit the neighbouring islands of Gozo and Comino or fancy a trip to Sicily, you can!

Reason #20. The Airport is One of the Best in the World:


With a 24-hours Costa Coffee that has an outdoor lounge area, a collection of shops, Duty Free products and friendly employees, it’s a pleasure to land in and take off from Malta’s International Airport in Luqa, voted the 2nd best in Europe.

Love Malta? Add your own reasons to this list in the comments below. 


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