What is the Paleo Diet & How Does it Work?

If you know a thing or two about what the cavemen of prehistoric times would have eaten, then you’re more clued up on the paleo diet than you realize. Whether you know it as paleo, the hunter-gatherer diet or the diet of the Stone Age, the fundamental principles remain the same.

Today the paleo diet is hugely popular, and mainly consists of making food choices based on the one question: what would a caveman eat?

Nutritional Guidelines:

At the core of the paleo diet is the need to stick to natural nutritional sources; the diet runs on the same foods our hunter-gatherer ancestors are widely believed to have ate, such as vegetables and fruit, nuts, meat, and fish.

You’ll be hunting for food but not like the cavemen did; today’s modern paleo diet is based on sniffing out the freshest, most natural produce. Processed foods are out; they weren’t around in the Stone Age. Simply put, going paleo means giving up modern food.

Paleo is a Lifestyle:

Paleo is not designed to be a quick-fix diet; you will certainly see health and fitness results from changing your eating habits, but paleo is meant to be a total lifestyle change.

Just as it was for our ancestors thousands of years ago, the paleo diet is meant to be stuck at for the long haul.

Paleo Combines Food and Exercise:

Paleo eaters see food as fuel for the constant on-the-go lifestyle that would have been characteristic of surviving your life in the Stone Age.

Back then, it would have required at least four thousand calories per day to fuel your energy; thankfully you won’t need to eat that much, even if you hit the gym hard.

Now you know how the paleo diet works, why not start hunter-gathering yourself? Anybody can give it a try.


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